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#1052088 - 12/01/17 02:37 AM Our Formative Gun Years
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OK Dogs let's hear your "Gun" stories.

Mine started at the age of 10 (1964) with a single shot, hammer fired Iver Johnson 20ga shotgun. WHEN Grandpa "Showed" me how to use it and was satisfied I wouldn't shoot myself or something else that I shouldn't I was turned loose "In the woods" by myself. Grandma made me an EARLY version of the shotgun shell belt (made out of a discarded pair of Grandpa's bibs. It was non elastic version of the generic elastic shotgun ammo belt of today.

Anyway, I used that shotgun all that spring, summer and winter and about the end of the next spring I graduated to my Dad's Remington model 31 16ga pump, a gun I used until 1981 when I got my first 12ga.

OK, in between there was a Sears 22semi-auto , an unknown brand mag fed 22 bolt action and a Remington Speedmaster (model 522?) and a Winchester '94 but that was pretty much it until I went into the Air Force.

After joining the AF I had a small assortment of firearms, handguns, rifles and shotguns.

Then as I mentioned, while stationed in Idaho, I got my first 12ga. Used that for about two years until I got shipped to the Aleutian islands, Shemya specifically. (Just go to Anchorage and look left about 1500 miles. It's the next to last island before you get to Russia).

No guns there FOR ANYONE, just about dozen "Sky Cops". Then got stationed at Offutt AFB in Omaha. Got another "Set" of shotgun, rifle and handgun (my first 44mag, a Ruger Redhawk). From there (in 1987) I got shipped off to Japan for 4 years (NO guns there either) then in 1991 got transferred to North Carolina and aside from my RWS Dianna .177 pellet rifle, no guns.

Then I retired from the Air Force and started "Collecting" Shotguns, Rifles, and handguns which brings us to today where I own "A few" in most of the popular calibers/gauges.

It seems as if the Quest never ends.

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#1052209 - 12/18/17 03:34 AM Re: Our Formative Gun Years [Re: SkunkHunter]
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My first firearm was a .22 military surplus training rifle bought from Kline's Sporting Goods in Chicago for $3.95. It's the same place where unfortunately Lee Harvey Oswald bought his rifle. blush I was about 11 at the time.

During summer vacations I used to spend a week or two at my uncle's house, where they also housed my Grandparents. I would mow the grass, help bust sod for their large garden, etc. and as a reward my Grandfather would let me practice shooting with him, and other times my uncle would take me fishing. My Grandfather was an excellent shot with a rifle, and his brother was as good with a pistol. They had lived through some hard times in Kentucky, and often they ate what they shot for supper. I sure miss them now!
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#1052229 - 12/20/17 09:08 PM Re: Our Formative Gun Years [Re: SkunkHunter]
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My first at @9 or 10 was a Boito single barrel .410 followed a few months later by a Winchester 9422XTR.

#1052233 - 12/21/17 07:29 AM Re: Our Formative Gun Years [Re: SkunkHunter]
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My first was a single shot 20 gauge FIE made in Brazil. I still have it, and hunt with it occasionally. Its a great old shotgun. Dad won it on a punchboard and gave it to me for my 11th birthday.
I've sold a few over the years, most I really hate now that I got rid of. But that one will never leave me.

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