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Guns you do NOT like & DO like ...

Posted By: Endeavour Morse

Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/09/20 09:22 PM

I've been selling off my "gun collection" and keeping only those items that I anticipate actually using. Over the past 36 years I've owned just about every conceivable design. However, about 24 months ago I embarked on a series of tests to determine what guns I should keep based upon a shift in my world view. I reached a point in my life wherein I didn't want a lot of extra "stuff" including guns, knives, gear etc. I only wanted to keep what I decided were the "best" and everything else would go online for sale.

At the end of my testing and evaluation I decided to only keep the following ...


1911 (9MM, 40SW, 45 ACP)
Beretta 92 Series (9MM)
Ruger Mk3 (22LR Semi-Auto)
S&W Shield (9MM)


Benelli M1/M2 (12 Gauge Semi-Auto)

*** I do want to add a very nice 12 bore hunting O/U but don't currently own one ***


10/22 Format (22LR Semi-Auto)
AR10 (308 Win Semi-Auto)
AR15 (5.56MM Semi-Auto)
Bolt-Actions (22LR, 22WMR, 308 Win)

After owning dozens and dozens of gun designs I've decided to just keep the listed designs for the following reasons:

1) They are all easy to repair.
2) They all have a huge aftermarket parts market.
3) They all have proven to be the most accurate within a manageable budget.
4) They all have proven to be the most reliable designs (yes even more so than AK47s, Glocks, etc).
5) They all are "classics".

What designs do you favor and designs did you dislike?
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/09/20 10:39 PM


Well I am partial to the Single action 45, ala "Colt" ACP. I now have two of them. A full size 5 inch Colt 1991A1 I got to have customized. I had barrel/fitting/bushing work, trigger work, ejection port work, sights, safety and slide release, beavertail grip safety and "Internal" parts along with a different mainspring housing. When I went through the Police Academy here that is the Gun I used to qualify with. In addition to that, a girl there had her 45 fail and she qualified with mine.

I ALSO have (the one I like the best), a box stock Ruger SR1911cmd (can't use Commander as Colt has that trademarked or something). It is Stainless Steel with black fixed sights 4.25 inch barrel of course and aftermarket VZ "Tan" Crusader grips. Crusader grips because the image on the grips is a Templar Knight holding his Sword point down in front of him. The first ones they had had the knight standing on a large mound of skulls. I LIKED them but didn't think them appropriate for someone carrying in Law Enforcement. But the second pair only had him as I described him. They are still on my Beloved boom stick.

My Weatherby Threat Response series of "Evil Assault Shotguns", both my 12 and 20's.

I also like my Sigs, in 9mm (Old style P225) and P239 40S&W

Beretta PX4 9mm pistol AND CX4 9mm Carbine

Oh and My Colt 6920 5.56 Carbine.
There are a couple others but they are just the run of the mill rifles, Shotguns or Pistols


S&W Model 60-10 SS 3 inch barrel 357 mag. Nothing wrong with it and it is a good gun, just don't like smiths all that much. Now Some of the older Colts, YUP made me happy, alas I got rid of them YEARS ago.

Star Firestar 40 S&W. Not all that bad, but it is small and packs a punch in the hand and weighs a ton! Ironically it is one of the guns I shoot the best.

Browning Buckmark with the 8 inch barrel. NICE gun, just meh.

French made authorized copy of the Walther PPKS. Nice little gun, but being larger than the PPK and in 32acp kinda makes you wonder Why. My Beretta Tomcat in the same caliber is smaller and does the same job.

I guess that's good enough. Gypsy Rose Lee's Momma always said to leave them wanting more.
Posted By: Endeavour Morse

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/12/20 04:48 PM

Overall I'm not a revolver guy. I think they're neat, and carried a S&W 642 as a backup gun for YEARS. However, I've always found them difficult to shoot, and somewhat unpleasant. Revolvers are "neat" but fit into a collector or enthusiast category. Simply too many semi-auto options.

I've owned a single Buckmark and it was spray my face with hot metal or powder with each round fired (as the slide opened). I haven't touched another one since selling that gun 25 yeas ago. Ruger Mk3 all the way!

Those French Manurhin PP, PPK, PPKS are nicely made guns, but way out classed by today's 380's. Its even worse in 32 ACP. Neat gun, but again they fit into that "collector" or "enthusiast" category.

I like Sig Sauers also (the classic P line ... 220, 225, 226, 228, 229). I had to conduct a lot of testing to decide what I preferred between the Beretta 92 and Sig P226. Ultimately I could shoot the Beretta more accurately and they are "smoother". Berettas are also a lot easier to work on. Its difficult to get inside the grip of a Sig.
Posted By: Endeavour Morse

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/12/20 04:49 PM

I bought a Mossberg MVP 308 Patrol to try out as a "cheap hunting rifle". After one range trip I'm ready to sell it. I shot my Ruger Gunsite side by side with the MVP and the Ruger's action is much smoother.
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/12/20 05:34 PM

My thing against the Beretta 92 is that when the Air Force (when I was in Japan) and they transitioned, I was hooked up with a little MP (She was18 and I was 34) yeah it was an enjoyable couple years smile and got to shoot one quite often because of her. ANYWAY, the grip I felt was to large for me to comfortably and correctly hold. I had to "Crab" my hand around the grip if you know what I mean. Any way, I LOVE the 1911 guns/grips. I only wish I had gotten one in 9mm as well as my 45s. Who knows, after I start drawing SS, I may be able to get one, then I can retire my other belt carry guns. I would have the 45 AND 9mm to pick from as the whim hit me.
Posted By: Spider-Pig

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/12/20 09:07 PM

I recently took a look into my safe and realized I had accumulated a bunch of guns I never/rarely shoot. Some had never been fired by me. Some I decided I just don’t care for all that much. I sold all of those and bought one of these:

That was about a week ago. I haven’t shot it yet, so I have nothing to report other than it appears to be very well made.

I have several unfinished project guns, so I need to concentrate on those and optics as time and money permits. Oh, and duck hunting gear since I have never been and I have yet to start getting that stuff together besides the O/U.

ETA: The guns I sold are Remington Versa Max R12, Remington 870 Tactical in 20g, Remington 11-87P, Beretta 1201FP, AR15 that I built on a BCM lower, and a Remington 788 in 308.
Posted By: Spider-Pig

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/12/20 09:41 PM

Guns/designs I like:

Pinned and recessed Smiths. Glocks. The Monte Carlo stocks on Weatherby rifles. Colt revolvers. Colt Woodsman. Ruger rimfires. Benelli and Beretta combat shotguns. Belgian Brownings. AR.

Don’t like:

Hi-Point. AK. Lightweight revolvers. 380. 32. 40.

I haven’t been around 1911s enough to fully appreciate them, and I thank God I’ve never fired a really nice one.
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/13/20 03:25 AM

45acp CAN be an addiction. It is my favorite caliber, although I shoot 9mm more. Just happens that way. I am gonna have to get out and start putting 45 caliber holes in some paper again one of these days.
Posted By: Spider-Pig

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/13/20 03:50 AM

I like the Beretta 92 because the M9 is what I cut my teeth on. I think I only shot one pistol before I enlisted and that was my cousin’s inherited Colt Woodsman. I only fired a few rounds through it.

When I got on flight orders as a military aviator I had to qualify with the M9. It was so strange. In boot camp we had to learn the M16A2 inside and out. Not so with the M9. Checked it out from the armory and went and qualified with it. I didn’t know the first thing about a pistol of any kind. Figuring out a simple thing like a decocker was interesting. Anyway, I was pretty good with it. Maybe the reason I enjoyed shooting it was because the trigger was so much better than the one in my M16.
Posted By: Endeavour Morse

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/13/20 08:28 AM

Spider Pig! Great to hear from you!

Guns are a lot like women. Some men like brunettes, others blondes and the adventurous like redheads. Some fellows prefer athletic while others like a 50’s hourglass and the weird fellows like anorexic women. Some guys like their gals tall while others like short.

Guns are no different. What one guy likes may be a complete no-go for another...and guys change over time. Way back in my teens and early twenties I was only interested in”girl next door door redheads. Then it was super model blondes for about 10 years. Then I met my wife .... a sophisticated brunette. As they say, there is a season for everything
Posted By: Endeavour Morse

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/13/20 08:30 AM

There are lots of guns I like, but I chose to reduce my collection down to those I liked best.

Take, for example, Sig Sauer P Series Classics. I could have easily selected these over Berettas. I liked them about equally but Berettas cost less and are easier to work on.
Posted By: Endeavour Morse

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/13/20 08:31 AM

When I decided to drop out of the “collector” or “accumulator” mode I had to make tough choices.
Posted By: Endeavour Morse

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/13/20 08:33 AM

By the way, I like your shotgun.

An OU is actually on my list of “wants”. I have a Benelli M2 but want a classic walnut and blue steel O/U.
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/13/20 03:14 PM

I agree, HOWDY SPIDY! Long time no hear and I as well like your O/U. I wanted one for years but finally "Got out of the mood" and now not sure If I will buy any more Hand guns or not, although Endeavours new Bauer looks NICE, but YIKES!
Posted By: RN

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 02/22/20 01:58 PM

Most anything that starts with the letters CZ...the 75 series have been great for me and I'm getting into the P10 series now too..

Love my Ruger American in 7.62x39...small, light, accurate and cheap to shoot. That with my CZ 452 would be my last rifles to sell if needed.

I've never been into Glocks but love the 19x and Glock 45. I shoot my CZs a bit better but those 2 are a joy to shoot. Trying to hunt up a place to try a glock 34...tempted to make the jump into striker fired for USPSA...we'll see...

My Dan Wesson Valor is just a masterpiece. Super accurate, reliable and a great deal of pride of ownership.
Posted By: clampdaddy

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/12/20 12:18 AM

I honestly can't say that I've ever met a gun that I didn't like. Some I just like more than others. Lately there is one I really have come to like though. I always heard that the 7400 was at best a 200 yard gun because they weren't very accurate, but I had wanted one since I was a little kid because I thought they were so nice looking. Well one crossed my path at a dirt cheap price because it had a jamming problem and it was chambered in a caliber I always wanted (.280 Remington). The jamming problem turned out to be an easy fix and it will put all four shots from the magazine under an inch at 100 yards. Should be good for way better than 200 yards, I'd say.
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/12/20 02:49 AM

Pump Action? And welcome to the Yard. Lot of good, nice folks around here. But ya gotta watch out fer them thar Northern fellers. wink
Posted By: Ray Settanta

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/12/20 11:55 AM

I believe the 7400 is semiautomatic. I have one in .308. You also have to watch out for them wannabe Southern boys.
Posted By: clampdaddy

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/12/20 03:24 PM

It is a semiauto. Forgive me for flubbing my answer back to you fellas. I cant seem to figure out the the quote feature here.
Posted By: lazi

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/12/20 03:50 PM

Nice clampdaddy!

My dad has one in 30-06. I gave him a scope to put on it but we haven't gotten it mounted yet. I do look forward to shooting it though.
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/12/20 03:52 PM

I looked at the pic and the end of the foregrip looked like it might have been a pump. Oh and don't pay any attention to that NORTHERN feller, Ya know how THEY are. grin Ray is OK though, but don't tell him I said that. Don't want him thinkin I like him or anything.

Oh and the quote function is pretty easy. Just click on the Quote button if you want THEIR post to appear in what YOU want to say in response.
Posted By: clampdaddy

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/12/20 11:41 PM

I clicked on the quote botton and nothing came up. Must be a glitch be because I am using my phone instead of desktop.
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: Guns you do NOT like & DO like ... - 05/13/20 01:13 AM

Boy, not sure about that one.
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