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EMERGENCY Threads Test

Posted By: SkunkHunter

EMERGENCY Threads Test - 05/19/20 07:13 PM

OK I am gonna try an experiment. I am going to start a few new threads so everything will be in ONE place. Here is what I propose

1. BOBs GHBs INCH What do you use/recommend
2. HYDRATION/Water Purification, same as above.
3. SHELTERS, Tarps tents etc also include sleeping mats/bags etc.
4. FOOD, Freeze Dried, MRE Energy bars, (Mainstay etc "Packets")
5. CLOTHING. Type/kind and How much
6. TOOLS, to include Knives, Axes, saws snare wire, cord (550 325 etc)
7. MEDICAL. ANY type of First Aid or Medication you think should be carried.

EACH thread will start with EMERGENCY and then each category. If it works, great. If not I can always delete it if need be.
THIS IS JUST AN EXPERIMENT, unless you dogs like it. IF so we could always make each one a sticky. Would they be sticky worthy.

I will wait a few days before I actually make the threads so Y'all will have a chance to think over if you think this would be a worthy Endevour (see how I tied in our resident expert here).

Let me know what you think.
Posted By: Private Klink

Re: EMERGENCY Threads Test - 05/20/20 04:33 AM

It never hurts to share good information. wink
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