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To my American friend

Posted By: coyotebc

To my American friend - 05/24/20 08:30 PM

I hope that my American brothers and sisters that served in the USA armed forces with pride and honor have a great weekend
Even with covid-19 I hope that all of my American friends have great weekend

At dinner tonight I will toast you all
Posted By: SkunkHunter

Re: To my American friend - 05/25/20 03:29 AM

Thank You BILL. This means a lot to me, as a Vet and especially from someone from a different country. But at the same time, we aren't really all that different, just different Nationalities.

Again, thank you Bill. You always remember.

Posted By: Private Klink

Re: To my American friend - 05/25/20 01:21 PM

Thanks Bill. smile
Posted By: Ray Settanta

Re: To my American friend - 05/25/20 04:00 PM

Yes. Thank you, Bill.
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