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#1049412 - 06/04/17 05:35 PM ANTI Bug Juice?
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These "Essential" oils are supposed to work.

This Simple Tip Will Keep Ticks Off Of You All Summer Long

When winter is coming to a close and we are getting ready for the warmer weather, many of us look forward to heading outdoors and enjoying some sunshine. There are many reasons to go outside and it certainly can be a wonderful time of year. Unfortunately, it is also the time of year when we need to be cautious about getting ticks. It can really ruin the day.

If you are somebody that tends to spend a lot of time outdoors, you need to be able to effectively protect yourself from ticks. They are more than just a nuisance or a pest that makes us uncomfortable, they carry diseases, some of which are very dangerous and even deadly. The next time you’re out enjoying what the great outdoors has to offer, consider this simple trick and you can keep ticks from latching on and causing problems.

Lint roller and essential oil

In order to use this tip, you will need a roller and some essential oils. The lint roller should use adhesive layers. Take it with you when you’re going outside and roll it on your clothing every once in a while. You might be surprised with what you pick up in a very short amount of time.

Adding some essential oil may help to keep the ticks from climbing on you while you are outside. Spray the essential oil on your clothing and rub it into your skin and the ticks may just stay away. It also works for mosquitoes and black flies. It’s a good alternative to insect repellent and reduces your chemical exposure.

Here are 5 essential oils that repel bugs.

1. Lavender – This smells sweet to us but bugs absolutely hate it. It works on mosquitoes, flies and other insects.

2. PennyRoyal – this is a member of the mint family and it is toxic to insects.

3. Lemongrass – This essential oil comes from tropical lemongrass and has a citrusy sent. It is a natural flea and tick repellent and can be sprayed directly on the skin.

4. Eucalyptus – use this alone or along with citronella oil to keep bugs away. According to the Journal of medical entomology, Eucalyptus extract can reduce tick bites and infections.

5. Lemon – some lemon essential oil can work against fleas and other bugs. Slightly dilute it and spray it on your clothing and skin.
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#1049420 - 06/05/17 10:58 AM Re: ANTI Bug Juice? [Re: SkunkHunter]
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I found this an interesting topic as I live by wetlands. or as my wife calls it, swamps.

My research shows that while essential oils do work, most need to be reapplied hourly. Other product containing at least 25% Deet (Deepwoods Off) or at least 20% Picardin (Sawyer Picardin, Natrapel 8 Hour) are effective for 8 hours per application.

There is also Permethrin products, which you can apply to clothes, and last for several washings. Supposedly, Permethrin does not affect the moisture wicking ability of fabrics and is safe to use on rubber, plastic, and all fabrics. Also, it's odorless after it dries.
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#1049641 - 06/28/17 11:46 PM Re: ANTI Bug Juice? [Re: SkunkHunter]
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Mosquitos down can get ridiculous. The wrong stuff is just like hot sauce to these buggers. I tried some sort of natural stuff and mosquitos would still find there way to a spot here there that maybe I didn't cover. Ususally behind a ear or on my elbow right where it met the shirt. I went ahead and got some Off to be safe. I once went to a swamped out lake and you could barely breath it was so thick with bugs. Deep Woods off helped but it didn't stop them from trying. I lasted maybe 2-3 minutes out there. Without the Off things would've been ugly!

I noticed that with some sprays, if you sit in the same place for a while, you would end up with a swarm of bugs spiraling over the top of your head. It's been so bad that the noise and constant tapping on the top of my head ran me off.

Lately I've been trying some Coleman Skinsmart. I haven't put it through anything heavy yet but so far no bites.

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