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VERY expensive B’day SkunkHunter 01/28/23 02:08 AM
And I want to thank all you U.S. dogs for helping out. Let me explain, and why I have been missing for a few days.

Patty went out on the front porch to take some pics of the blue spruce in our yard with snow all over it. I heard a scream (now this was 30 minutes till her birthday on the 25th). I ran outside and she was laying on her back on the concrete sidewalk. She wanted me to help her up. We were only able to get her to her knees when she fell over on the side she didn’t hit when she fell.

Called EMS and they said to not move her and that an ambulance was coming FROM 25 MILES AWAY, in a snow storm (after it started out as rain). The ambulance stationed here was already on a run.

Time to shorten a long story. She had to lay outside in 30 degree weather with it snowing very wet snow for almost an hour and a half! We covered her up with one of my emergency all weather space blankets (don’t waste buying the thin “Mylar” emergency blankets) ant then another 4 regular blankets. The top side of her body was doing OK but the other, bad side, was in the 3 inch thick wet slushy cold snow.

EMS arrived and carted her off to the ER (Closest Hospital is about 30 miles away). Upon arrival the checked her core temp and Immediately covered her with this blanket with tubes running through it. Then they hooked this wet vac looking heater with a long hose up to it and it started blowing hot air over her. After about 30 minutes they checked ger again and took that off and just covered her with warm blankets.

After that, off to CT scan, X-Ray then back to X-ray again for more detailed pics. Now mind you it was going on 7am. Well, by 11:15 that night, basically 24 hours after the incident she had a new hip for her Birthday.

Fast forward two days later (today) she is now back in our home town in the Nursing Home/Rehap center for physical therapy for the next 1-3 weeks. At least she is now only a half mile from home.

So, how do you dogs spend your Birthdays?
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Re: The Daily Growl & Bark Ray Settanta 01/27/23 05:46 PM
Happy birthday, Mrs Skunkhunter
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Re: Getting Closer To New Scrap Yard Steel Private Klink 01/23/23 02:00 AM
Any news Dan ? We are all anxious to see what you come up with!
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Re: What have you BOUGHT lately? SkunkHunter 01/07/23 02:21 PM
Haha, I just think it’s neat! Plus it doesn’t have anything sticking out of your pocket (like a clip) showing you have a knife.
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Re: HAPPY NEW YEAR SkunkHunter 01/01/23 03:34 PM
Had a watch night service last night at the Assembly of God Church. Started at 9pm and we made it home about 1am. Was a nice night. I hope and pray all the Dog and Dogettes have a Happy, safe and prosperous new year.
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