Here is the question.
Have you ever learned a skill set, then not used it again for a long period
of time, only to need it suddenly one day?

An example of this happened to me on the weekend.

A bit of background.
Years ago, when I was studying Judo, we used long rubber hoses in an exercise
that we called fast twitch training.
This exercise was designed to train your fast twitch muscles. These are the
muscle groups that are used when you perform a fast reflex type of movement.
It's kind of like when someone throws a ball at you, and you automatically reach
out and catch it.

Well, I practiced those exercises lots because you needed fast reflexes in Judo.

Fast forward years later to this last weekend.

On Sunday, my wife, stepson and I were putting together a sauna. It came
unassembled, and we were assembling it. We had set up three walls, and the roof
of the unit. I'd just moved the roof ahead so that I could hook up some wiring
between the back wall and the roof, when one of the other outside walls moved
and the roof came crashing down on me and was heading for my wifes head. I
automatically reached up and grabbed the roof and was able to hold it long
enough for her to get out of the way and the stepson to step in and grab it.

Nothing spectacular, but if my reflexes had been slower, I would have missed it
and it would have cracked her right in the head. I'm thankful that I put so
much time and effort into that fast twitch reflex training.

So, I'm wondering if anyone has ever had some kind of skill set that they
trained and practiced lots then stopped using it, only to use it at some later

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