I am trying to keep my Bussekin knives down to one excellent example of each size/use and I recently sold my YKCG because my SAR5 was a nicer knife that filed the same mid sized slot. Today I had a very nice but hard used DesertJack show up on my doorstep. Unlike the SAR5 which i did not like at first but grew on me the DJ was love at first sight. It was not abnormally fat stock for a knife which is a pleasant change from a lot of the Bussekin knives and the handle was very comfortable with lots of good grip positions. It is like a one size bigger version of my SS4. It fits very well between my SS4 and DFLE.

The SAR5 is a very nice knife as well though. I love the simple handle and
the awesome convex bevel(not edge the whole bevel it's self is convex <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/bowdown.gif" alt="" />).
There is also the INFI versus SR101 factor. I just realized if I have the DFLE the SS4 and the DJ ,that is all the Bussekin tool steels. As soon as Scrapyard comes out with their inevitable<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/crossfingers.gif" alt="" /> CPM154 necker/skelly I will have the complete set.

Another thing in the Jacks favour is it's a user that I will need to strip and clean up a bit. I always feel bad about scratching up a new Busse. It is hard to look at a nice new virgin Busse and not see a big pile of 20$'s.

So who thinks I should stick with the SAR5 and who thinks the DesertJack is the way to go?

I am not giving "keep them both" as an option because everyone would say that and so why bother with a poll<img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/grin.gif" alt="" />

So for the SAR5 which is a Black/Black micarta with logo model.


Great handle

incredible convex bevel


I think it is a good looking simple knife

Colour matches the SS4 and DFLE

But it is also

heavy as heck

brand new

The Desert Jack is based on the SatinJack which was a simple good looking knife
but the DJ is anything but. It is your typical fugly curved and bumpy modern Busse. The handle is very comfortable even though it has a HUGE monstrous choil.
It is very similar to the SS4 handle but in micarta and 1 size bigger.

The Desert Jack which is a tan and brown micarta handle but will soon be a stripped and micarta handle.

Is lighter and an inch longer than the Sar5

Diff tempered SR101(I think they are diff tempered?)

Comfortable but ugly handle

it is a user (looks less like a pile of 20$'s)

Nice thin blade stock

more a cutting tool than an entry tool



colour does not match and is ugly.

Not as indestructible as the SAR5

sabre grind no where as cool as the SAR5's convex bevel

Big choil eats up a lot of edge

lets cast some votes.

which to keep ,a user Desert Jack or new SAR5?
single choice
Votes accepted starting: 07/29/08 02:53 PM

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