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Re: The Daily Growl & Bark SkunkHunter 07/22/24 02:09 AM
Originally Posted by Ray Settanta
Originally Posted by SkunkHunter
Well, my glucose level is now down to 142. I can deal with that, but would like it back down in the 120ís-130 something. If I can get to that, then the hat trick is staying that level, which wonít be easy.

Nice work, Randy. But you may have to make the ultimate sacrifice and give up fruit roll ups.

BLASPHEMER! Fruit Roll-ups are mankindís gift from the All Mighty. He would NEVER want us to give up what he has blessed us with.

OK, so their man made. I GUESS I can give them up if it means Iíll be able to hang around longer and give you guys a hard time. Sheesh, the sacrifices I make for you guys. wink
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Re: Scrap Yard Gun Talk SkunkHunter 07/22/24 02:01 AM
For strong side carry I like, in order
Black arch (smaller overall size)
JX Tactical

I listed the Vedder holster last because the whole back of the holster is leather and depends a lot on your body helping to keep the gun in the holster. BUT overall they are quite comfortable and secure enough.

Now that I almost 100% of the time Appendix carry I Very Much prefer the TT Gunleather holsters and then the JX Tactical (Fat Guy) holster as it rides very low in the belt line. It is actually lower riding than the TTholster, but the leather is more comfortable.
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