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Re: The Daily Growl & Bark SkunkHunter 12/09/23 05:18 AM
Liberal, progressive agendas are nothing more than Socialistic and Marxist ideology with different names. It saddens my Soul to see what OUR country is being turned (has turned) into. Liberty is being stripped and Violated right before our eyes and I see only one solution to stopping it. A solution no sane person wants. Our Nation was once divided, and yes, we did emerge stronger. Iím not so sure for if it were to happen again there are many sharks patrolling the waters and to many Ravenous wolves roaming the land.
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Re: 12/7 Anniversary Private Klink 12/07/23 11:36 PM
Bah, HUMBUG ! smile
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Re: Scrap Yard Gun Talk SkunkHunter 12/07/23 05:08 AM
Does anyone have any idea of good mag pouches (4-6) for Magpul Ev9 35 round magazines. Remember Iím cheap wink
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Re: What have you BOUGHT lately? rth548 12/06/23 08:59 AM
Picked up a Glock 43x today for another CCW option. I have an Sig 365 but wanted something with a little more capacity. The G43X uses Palmetto State Micro Dagger magazines, which are 15 round as opposed to the standard 10 rounders from Glock. Gotta get it broken in and check out the reliability of the 15 rounders, and find a good carry holster.
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