I have received several notes from fellow Dogs about the many recent negative postings by bld522 on anything that we as a company or I do. The recent demeaning of the Scrapivore on our forum by bld522 as well as on Bladeforums is unprecedented.

Now let's be clear. We appreciate HONEST feedback and have no problem with those who have suggestions, nor do we have problems with negative feedback. HOWEVER, we do believe that you should have at least handled the knife that you are railing against before endlessly posting negatives about it. Relentlessly hijacking a thread and repeating your objections over and over until everyone sees it your way is trolling. Mustard Man did this and now bld522 has picked up where he left off. This behavior will not be tolerated.


You have made it very clear on Bladeforums that you do not like any recent offerings from the Yard and will not be happy until we re-release some of our earlier models. Here's a quote from you on Bladeforums,

bld522 - "I'm not a fan boy of Dan's recent offerings. But Lord knows I'm a fan boy of his initial releases. . . . I keep hanging around Scrap Yard based on the knowledge that Dan has it in him to make more of those kinds of blades and the abiding hope that he'll do just that."

In other words, until we see things your way, you will continue to troll against us.

You operate off a base of personal conjecture and unfounded speculation with what appears to be a motive to troll. When confronted or points addressed you simply cover your actions with statements like “I really like Scrap Yard” or “thanks for the info”. While you may think that this approach makes you a voice of authority, you are mistaken. You continue to negatively influence both new and long term forum members. This is not appreciated in any form by me or your fellow Dogs.

Your continued combative approach is unwelcome. As such, I can no longer tolerate this since you are impacting my reputation and the reputation of this company and all of its customers. Your negative conjecturing and speculations about the Scrapivore on both this forum and Bladeforums are ridiculous and borderline moronic! Even though you have yet to handle the Scrapivore and have already stated that you will not be buying one, you have done your level best to find every imaginary negative that you can invent while you campaign against the design.

You are no longer welcome here and I hope that you can find a new line of knives to "promote" in your own special way and can leave us out of your future postings.