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It's too expensive to modify the knife. (EDIT - unless you do it yourself).

It really is expensive having knives modded, but in my case I may just have to suck it up and go for it. I would just do it myself, but I know I won't do as good of a job as somebody like norcalblacktail.

Not that I can really afford it either, I'm expecting my first baby girl in April and my money should really be saved for this. But the 1311 and Mud Mutt are SOOO close to being perfect for me that with a little bit of grinding they would be just that.

I got a quote recently for having a 1311 fullly convexed and satined for $175, ouch! I almost thought it was a car repair bill for a minute. I'm sure the Mud Mutt work won't be much cheaper either. I have knife problems...... frown

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