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Ok I think I know what happened but don't know why or how. After reviewing my emails and seeing listed shipping charges. I figure somehow I got charged international shipping charges they seem to match what charges I'm showing. So hopefully it's an easy fix, since SYKCO only dings the C/C and doesn't fully charge until just before shipping.
On another note does anyone know if any Mudd Mutts shipped :-) :-)

Thanks for the welcome !!! As I gather more SYKCO blades I'm sure I'll be around here more :-) yeah I figure the holidays will slow a response. But I know the customer service is top notch !! so I'm not worried. Very thankful for the generous deal they offered :-) scored a sheath too !!

Please send Renee a note on your order and she will fix what ever happened...The Christmas Elves have had their hand in the eggnog smile...Sorry.

The mods received a pre-release of the Mud Mutt for play and testing. I am sure they will give you their impressions when they come up for air from the holidays