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IDK why companies aren’t making more 10mm carbines…what a great round.

That gun is…special looking! eek whistle grin

LOL, It's Ok that gun is downright ugly. But it is supposed to shine in 10mm. I should be able to verify if that's true by tonight.

It has a very different action that mitigates recoil and muzzle rise. In 45ACP or 9mm I don't think it would make a giant difference and there are better choices. In Semi-auto. But in Full auto, this thing is almost the King of Sub Guns second only to the MP5. The Vector is nuts with a 1200 to 1400 rounds per minute and negligible muzzle rise in full auto. The only reason I say second to the MP5 is that's 9mm only and it was the first sub gun I ever used. So it has a soft spot in my old crusty heart.

In 10mm in theory and from almost everything I have heard it's worth it to buy the Vector in semi. The offset is my biggest concern. But for its intended purpose, I'm betting it will be fine using the donut of death reticle.

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